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Quokka Hanging Ceramic Ornament


If you’re ever lucky enough to meet a Quokka, it will be sure to make you smile. This popular marsupial is synonymous with Perth’s favourite holiday spot, Rottnest Island – a short ferry ride from the Western Australian port of Fremantle. In fact, it’s how the island got its name – Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh named it ‘Rotte Nest’ (‘rats’ nest’) in 1696, mistaking the ubiquitous small macropods (the kangaroo and wallaby family) on the beautiful Mediterranean-like island as giant rats.

This lovely Quokka ornament makes a perfect keepsake gift either as a memento of your holiday on Rottnest Island, or as a gift for a loved one to remind them of happy memories spent in this beautiful place. 

Ornament is completed with a white satin ribbon and measures 3" x 3".

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